Audi R8 – Part II (Time-Lapse Photography)

After the first day of RED One footage, we took a couple of days and worked exclusively on time-lapse photography using the Canon 5D Mark II. Our Key Rigging Grip, Richard Howell, and Michael Stevenson did an unbelievable job of creating these car mounts the we were able to attach the camera to without maligning the body of the vehicle. They did this by taking one of the manufacturer’s screws that are used to attach the belly panels of the car and matching them. With the new screws, they cut them down to custom lengths and actually replaced the manufacturer’s screws on the bottom of the car on the day. Effectively, what was happening was that the car mounts were screwing right into the body of the car itself! I took a peek under the car (which rides pretty low to begin with), and the mounting points were practically invisible! The steel rigging seemed to extend out from the body of the car itself! It was very organic.

Counter-clockwise from Top: Chris Alvarez, Richard Howell, Andrew Howell, Michael Stevenson

To these mounts we attached one of our two 5Ds. We had our kit lenses that we were using, the EF 24-70mm and the EF 70-200mm, but we also ordered in some specialty lenses to really amp up the fantasy of the images:  the Canon 14mm f/2.8L II, Canon 17-40mm f/4L, and Canon TS-E 17mm f/4L. The Tilt/Shift was a fun one! I can’t get enough of the disclaimer: “If you aren’t sure what this is, you don’t want it.”

Well, the results are beautiful as you will see below. In the next post I’ll tell you how we cut them all together!

Some action on the stick shift (Interior)

V10 Emblem (Passenger Side Exterior)

Audi R8 Gascap (Passenger Side Exterior)


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